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Jun 18

Still getting my head around this band—had no idea there was even a second album! Anyhow, here’s the closer to Gift’s self-titled debut, which, far as I can tell, is a beefcake’s take on Focus’s “Hocus Pocus.” There are better tracks, but this is the first one that I understand so succinctly, and that revelation just occurred to me today, after walking around singing the wordless vocal part to myself for days, so here ya go.

Please expand on the fantastic album cover and investigate that skull of two girls and their dog. It may actually be the key to understanding this anti-drug, Cream-harmonizing, Uriah Heep-rambling, Sir Lord Baltimore-sludge-bringing, Sabbath-chiming, German mess somewhere between Captain Beyond and Iron Butterfly.

Yeah. And you haven’t even seen the second album cover yet.

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