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Jul 11

Star Wars



As announced earlier today, I’m writing an ongoing Star Wars book for Dark Horse.  Not just any Star Wars book, this will be called “Star Wars”, and will be set in the original trilogy, using the classic characters, and will pretend like its 1977 and no other films were every made or books ever written aside from “A New Hope”.  Carlos D’Anda is on art, Gabe Eltaeb on colors, and Alex Ross on covers.

There will be more info tomorrow and an interview, but I bet this strikes people as an odd move.  Maybe not?  But LucasFilm asked for me personally, and I felt it too irresistible a job to pass up.  I’m three scripts into it and having fun.  The book launches in Dec or January.  Oh yeah, Leia’s an X-Wing pilot.

More info and some art here.

A few weeks ago, I sadly told my friend “I’m over Star Wars. I’m so tired of the crappy new characters, the stupid new movies, and the way Lucas just doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck that his movie means more to a generation to him than it does to him, apparently.”

…but then Brian Wood goes and does this, and I squee like I’m 10 years-old all over again, because this is the Star Wars that I love and care about.


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    There are no words to express how much this is exactly what I have wanted from life ever since I first saw Star Wars as...
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    OK Lucasarts, you’ve got...perfect opportunity...new X wing...
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    But I wanted to see Darth Vader decapitate Jar-Jar. :(